Journey Across the U.S.: From the Plate of an Allergic Foodie

26 Jul

Journey Across the U.S.: From the Plate of an Allergic Foodie

Travel Diaries: from you allergic foodie | Journey Across the US, For all those who take the road less traveled |


Journey Across the U.S.: From the Plate of an Allergic Foodie

So we’re about to hit the road…for 24 days to be exact.

That’s 24 days of unknown open roads, tents and campfires, hotel rooms, rustic cabins, new adventures, pit stops, and unknown food stops.


The road less traveled



That last one, “unknown food stops” is enough in itself to keep someone with food allergies or on a specialty diet from even venturing too far away from their own kitchen.

That’s not a way to live though! So here I go. We’ve packed up everything we own, jumped in our small SUV that we tried packing minimally (and I mean tried).


If you’re signed up for The Other Spoon’s news letter “The Scoop” then you already know we are about to be en-route to The Other Spoon’s new headquarters in California. (If you’re not signed up do so now…or after you’re finished reading of course).


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Along the way I want to share with you the best places we are visiting and how to accommodate your food allergies or dietary needs. Don’t stop the adventure! Here we go.



Travel Diaries: from you allergic foodie | Journey Across the US, Passion led us here. |



We’re hitting 14 unique cities & towns along the way from Maryland to California. Each place brings its own unique adventure, culture, and accommodations.

Did I mention yet I’ve never actually camped a full night out in a tent…this should be interesting…I mean exciting! 

What you can look forward to:

  • Easy Allergy Friendly Campfire meals
  • Quick Gas Station Snacks & Finds
  • The Best & Unedited Restaurant Reviews
  • Car Ride Snacks & Our Snack Bag
  • Every and Anything Else Allergy Free (or not so allergy free) on our trip

Go on a virtual road trip with us

We’re documenting the whole thing thanks to my favorite business sidekick Ugly’s Beauty. Ever wonder what it actually looks like to drive across the country (with a 2 year old?)? Follow us and live it with us!

Cant wait for our first post on our Journey Across the U.S. to go live? Check out what’s been going on behind the scenes on all social media platforms.

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Planning a road trip takes lots of…well, Planning! Roadtrippers is by far the best app/website I have ever used to plan an adventure. Check it out for yourself; the more people there are using it and providing feedback on the places they visit the more helpful it can be!



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The Allergic Foodie here! Right now you can probably find me in my test kitchen (i.e. my house) or traveling to a local coffee shop where they're serving me awe-inspiring coffee (sorry, I would share but). I'm kind of a coffee junkie. Yes, I'm a food-allergy overcomer, Mompreneur, and military spouse and I love pushing boundaries especially in the kitchen. So hold on to your taste buds and let's get to cooking!


4 Recent Comments

  • Caitlyn Olivia Smith

    I have been looking like a blog for this for so long! I’m a lactose intolerant nanny who cares for two kiddos with a lactose and gluten intolerance!


    I love this! As a mom of a kid with food sensitivities (and with friends who have kids with severe food allergies), it really is hard to figure out where to eat out, especially when traveling. Can’t wait to see what you post in this series!

  • Liesl Kammer

    This is awesome! Thanks for allowing us to go along on the journey!!

  • Ashley Short

    I’ve had Celiac for 23 years so of course, that means gluten free for 23 years! Now both of my kiddos are gluten and one is dye free, while the other is lactose free! Goodness! I look forward to what you explore. My husband and I were just talking about limitations on traveling…

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