Be Transported in Tucson at Savaya Coffee Bar

26 Sep

Be Transported in Tucson at Savaya Coffee Bar

Savaya Coffee Bar | Be transported in Tucson Arizona at Savaya Coffee Bar. Order yourself a Kafette and transport yourself through a genuine Turkish Cup of Coffee. It's the one coffee experience I'm raving about |

Savaya Coffee Market

There’s a unique coffee shop on the outskirts of Tucson called Savaya where it’s not just a cup of coffee but a place to gather over one of the best cups of coffee you may have ever experienced.

Now, after visiting 8 cities on our cross-country trip we’ve tasted a lot of great coffee. But Savaya had something different on their menu. It was called the Kafette and it destroyed everything we thought about coffee.

I had to ask what is a Kafette? They replied with, “It’s a Turkish coffee.” Still a little hesitant about trying one, a customer insisted I should try it. Then, another customer in the very back chimes in with “It’s delicious, you must have one!” Well, at that point I had to accept. I watched very intrigued as he made my very first Turkish coffee. Savaya is one of the only coffee bars to have a Turkish coffee-making machine or so I was told! (Now I have to drive all the way back to Tucson just to get a cup! I see what they did there!) After the Kafette was finished he turns around and hands me this tiny shot glass and I was a little in shock because I was not expecting it to be so small. Steaming hot, I had to let it cool off (because my impatient self almost burnt myself sitting in anticipation ready to try this new world of coffee).

Savaya Coffee Bar Write in me book | Be transported in Tucson Arizona at Savaya Coffee Bar. Order yourself a Kafette and transport yourself through a genuine Turkish Cup of Coffee. It's the one coffee experience I'm raving about |

 What’s brewin’? Write in Me Book at Savaya with our cup of Kafette

Trying to find something to help my patience I looked around and on the coffee bar was a notebook filled with doodles and writings from many different people who had visited. I wanted to contribute to this cool piece of history but I seemed to have a creative block (probably because I hadn’t had my coffee yet). Flipping through the pages I felt a sense of community and a common love for coffee. It was pretty interesting to sit there and look through this book and have a coffee I had never heard of before. IT transported me to another place entirely.

The customer who insisted I try the Kafette sparks up a conversation with me and all three of us end up talking for longer then I thought! (Anthony and Niah are both in the car waiting for me to return with a simple cup of coffee…hey was probably wondering what the heck I was up to.) The customer kindly paid for my Kafette, which really put a smile on my face. But having a valuable conversation and getting to know people in that local area really made this coffee stop unforgettable.

O.K, so the Kafette finally was cool enough I could take a sip.

Rich and chocolate-y; OMG it was delicious. My taste buds simply exploded with delight. I didn’t expect it to be so rich, but not rich in an “I put way too many scoops of coffee in the coffee pot” kind of way. It was a really good quality coffee from the start and how they brewed it enlightened the hidden beauty of the coffee. This tiny shot of coffee had me wanting to come back that night for a cup to pair with my dessert (allergy friendly dessert of course).

No wonder the coffee was so good though. Coffee runs through their blood; it’s part of their heritage since 1551! (I didn’t even know coffee was around that long, that’s crazy) Don’t expect anything but the best from these guys either. They only source from fair trade farms to get top-grade, shade grown, premium Arabica beans. EVERYTHING is Organic and they feel that’s how it should be (because that is how it used to be).

On my way out I picked up two cups of house blend coffee both from different regions. One was a lighter coffee (I normally enjoy a lighter coffee but my tastebuds were craving more richness like the Kafette) and a medium roast and I topped them both with a little cream and sugar.

I said my goodbyes and expressed my appreciation. They sent me off with wishes for a good rest of our travel and some recommendations for our next stop in Phoenix, AZ (oops, I guess I let our next surprised stop slip out!).

Getting back to the car Anthony has this look on his face like what took you so long? I started going on and on about this coffee experience I just had and raving about how this was top of the list for the best coffee shops on our trip so far…and he stops me and says ok well I’m going to run in real quick then. He comes back like 15 minutes later after finishing the Kafette that I just positively rambled on about and a T-shirt that says “Push it Real Good”

I think it’s safe to say we will be raving about this place for years to come…and if we’re ever “alive” in Tucson again, we will be stopping at Savaya Coffee Market every day we are there.

The Allergic Foodie here! Right now you can probably find me in my test kitchen (i.e. my house) or traveling to a local coffee shop where they're serving me awe-inspiring coffee (sorry, I would share but). I'm kind of a coffee junkie. Yes, I'm a food-allergy overcomer, Mompreneur, and military spouse and I love pushing boundaries especially in the kitchen. So hold on to your taste buds and let's get to cooking!


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