10 Non-Food Halloween Treat Ideas

01 Oct

10 Non-Food Halloween Treat Ideas

10 Ideas for how to make Halloween spooktacular for those with food allergies. Support the Teal Pumpkin Project this Halloween by offering fun, non-food and non candy treats to children trick-or-treating. | theotherspoon.com

How to make Halloween spooktacular for everyone this year with a Teal pumpkin

Let’s face it, the only thing that should be scary this Halloween is the decorations (well some of them). NOT what kids get in their Trick-or-Treat bags.

Here are 10 (allergy friendly) Halloween Treat ideas that every kid will love (and so will their parents…hopefully).

My family and I have always loved celebrating Halloween. When I was born my doctors even dressed up for the occasion. Yes, my birthday is on Halloween. I know what you’re thinking how fun, right? She gets candy and cake for her birthday. Don’t get me wrong I loved going Trick-Or-Treating when I was a kid, but at the end of the night my candy bag was filled with peanut butter candy and nut filled chocolate bars. Most of it went with my dad to work because I was allergic to it! Now that I’m a mom I don’t want my kid to have all that candy either! (Props to the kids who sell it to their dentist)

Thankfully, the Teal Pumpkin Project is starting to become widespread on Halloween. Haven’t heard of it? I’m sure you’ve seen a teal pumpkin while out Trick-Or-Treating with your kids and thought that was weird, why would someone paint a pumpkin teal? Well, it simply means that this house has non-candy treats so that the kids with food allergies can have a safe Halloween.

I’ve found that kids just LOVE the treats they can play with right there. They are always excited to pick out a different treat, like Vampire teeth or a Glow bracelet! You can get as creative as your imagination (or as your Pinterest account can get).

How to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project

Simple! Get a pumpkin and paint it teal (or buy a teal pumpkin like this one or visit a craft store). Pick up some inexpensive non-candy items like the ones below (or some really nice non-candy treat if you want to ball out like that!) Next, on Halloween put your teal pumpkin outside so kids can see it as they go around Trick-or-Treating.

Oh, and don’t forget to go onto Teal Pumpkin Project and register as a Teal Pumpkin Project supporter to help kids find your house!

10 (allergy friendly) Halloween Treat Ideas

  1. Vampire teeth
  2. Glow bracelet
  3. Halloween pencils and erasers
  4. Halloween Plastic stamps
  5. Glow rings
  6. Fun Halloween Notepads
  7. Halloween ducks
  8. Halloween bubbles
  9. Halloween tattoos
  10. Halloween Stickers


We would love to hear how you supported the Teal Pumpkin Project. What non-candy treats are you giving out this Halloween?

Tag us on social media @theotherspoon and show us your Teal Pumpkin creations.

Happy Trick-or-Treating!

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  • Zoe

    This is an adorable post! Even though I don’t have any allergies, I wasn’t always big on candy as a kid and this is awesome!

    • Brittany Atkinson

      Thank you! I know I am not terribly big on candy especially for the kids so I love alternative too!

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