Journey Across the U.S.: Camping at Shenandoah National Park

31 Jul

Journey Across the U.S.: Camping at Shenandoah National Park

Journey Across the U.S.: Camping at Shenandoah National park

When it rains it pours…After a very well thought out and planned trip we officially hit our first detour. (Maybe I shouldn’t have worn my “Take more detours” hat today). Mother nature cried her tears all on our camping trip. But, that wasn’t even the icing on the cake.

Ok, it’s the first night out on our road trip.

Stop one | Camping at Shenandoah National Park.

We may have over packed and thrown the minimalist part out the window, but we are excited because we are on the road!

First, stop…Shenandoah National Park, Loft Mountain Campground. The weather had been on and off raining, but still sunny. The weather app has been wrong before so I didn’t want to blow off my first ever REAL camping experience in a tent (yes, I said first).

After setting up our tent, chairs, bed, and settling in we wanted to start dinner before the thunder and rain really rolled in. I’m sure you can see where this is going right? But we thought we were fine, after we had shelter. Well, our tent leaked. And when I say leaked I actually mean our tent turned into a waterfall (no exaggeration).


Hot dogs still on the grill we try to gather up as quickly as we could and put everything we had outside and inside the tent back into our very packed car. (We got this on the GoPro unexpectedly! Not sure if I should post that, ha ha).

The tent on the other hand, and unfortunately the blanket were thrown in the dumpster. There was just no saving that!

(After the rain, getting ready to change and leave)

It gets better don’t worry!

We head down the mountain (which had beautiful sunsets and fog covered trees), and try to locate a hotel. They’re all sold out! I kid you not! Well, at this point its now 9, my son is asking for home (in sign language and says home). My heart breaks a little as we try to calm him to sleep.

Thankfully, he finally falls asleep a few minutes later.

After driving a little farther down Virginia we were able to come upon a hotel. It’ll do for tonight.

It’s times like this you still have to remember the good and be thankful Because things are about to get really good.

(The calm after the storm literally on our way down the mountain.)

With words from my mother “plans will change and you will adjust. Remember you will be just fine.”-thanks mom

Don’t get stressed over what you cannot control.

We couldn’t control the weather.

We prepared the best we could. How were we supposed to know the tent we bought (second hand) wasn’t going to weather the storm.

We can control how we view the trip. And that is an amazing lifetime adventure.

We were able to see beautiful things; watched our son play in the rocks with his trucks and point out every bug (or as he calls everything “bee”), and finally find a place to rest.

It’s not that it went terrible it just went unplanned. So here we are after the rain; smiles and a little exhaustion. I am so thankful to have these two guys in my life.

What we ate

I was 2 minutes from snapping a beautiful picture of our hot dog dinner when the downpour came. So today consisted of


Anthony – coffee, Britt (me) – leftover pizza, Nehemiah – oatmeal, banana, Annie’s Coco bunnies cereal (these are amazing by the way!), and Silk Almond milk.


Anthony – leftover pizza, Britt – leftover pizza, apple, Niah – 2 allergy friendly homemade cookies, 2 Annies fruit snacks, followed by (1 huge meltdown!).


Anthony – 1 Nature’s Promise hotdog, whatever he could find in 7/11 after the rain, Britt – Cascading Farm’s Chocolate chip granola bar, Motts Organic apple sauce, Niah – bite of hot dog bun, veggie straws, Almond milk drink.

Advice for next time…get a better tent. One that is waterproof.

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