Journey Across the U.S.: High Five Coffee Bar in Asheville, NC

05 Aug

Journey Across the U.S.: High Five Coffee Bar in Asheville, NC

The Coffee Bar you have to visit if you're in Asheville, North Carolina |

If you’re ever in Asheville, North Carolina make sure to start your morning with a caffeinated beverage from High Five Coffee Bar.

I’m not going to lie, as soon as I wake up in the morning I need my coffee. I’m known to be a little particular about my coffee and you can normally find me drinking Dunkin’ or Starbucks. But there is just something about local coffee shops that draws you in.

The vibes are just so good, and so is the coffee.

Asheville, North Carolina is a pretty town known more for its beer & breweries, but I can see their coffee culture is also just as fun and original. They are great at supporting local businesses and the shop local initiative. We caught on the bandwagon and found this local coffee shop (not like we weren’t on the bandwagon already!).

High Five Coffee Bar, where they’re “committed to bringing Asheville the tastiest coffee imaginable” has definitely figured out the magic formula. They go as far as making their own syrups and really take pride in the process from seed to cup.

Coffee Art from High Five Coffee Bar, Asheville NC

(Photo credit High Five Coffee Bar)

Walking up to High Five Coffee Bar you know your day is about to start off right, or afternoon I suppose (depending on your coffee habits). The coffee artists (to me, they were coffee artists) were beyond helpful and crafted your cup of coffee with a personal touch. I felt like I was in my own kitchen enjoying a beautiful cup (without, the mess, and in a much better decorated space).

We love supporting local shops like these, and sharing them with you.

What we ordered

Brittany | Cubano

Anthony | Coffee, Cream & Sugar

Coffee Art from High Five Coffee Bar, Asheville NC

(Photo credit High Five Coffee Bar)

I know it can be unfamiliar to veer away from chain restaurants with food allergies (especially when traveling), but sometimes (most times) these places are going to take the time to really talk to you about their food & drinks. They take the time to connect with you and hear you. As you can imagine this is very important with food allergies.


Allergy Friendly Spoon Rating


Allergy Friendly Spoon Rating | High Five Coffee Bar |


We decided not to eat here and only purchased coffee (and a sticker) because they had a few items with hummus (chick peas). (My food allergies include legumes and chick pees, but currently I am doing food allergy testing to hopefully see if this is still true). They had vegan and vegetarian options, dairy free options, and nut free options.

Everything seemed really fresh and quality ingredients. If you don’t have a legume allergy High Five Coffee Bar is a great option.

As always, before you order anything ask them about your order or the food you are interested in to double check before you eat it. You’re the best judge.


You can visit them here!


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The Allergic Foodie here! Right now you can probably find me in my test kitchen (i.e. my house) or traveling to a local coffee shop where they're serving me awe-inspiring coffee (sorry, I would share but). I'm kind of a coffee junkie. Yes, I'm a food-allergy overcomer, Mompreneur, and military spouse and I love pushing boundaries especially in the kitchen. So hold on to your taste buds and let's get to cooking!

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