Dining Out Guide: The Food Allergy Edition

30 Jun

Dining Out Guide: The Food Allergy Edition

Dining Out Like a Pro - the food allergy guide | theotherspoon.com


Thinking about dining out at a restaurant with food allergies or dietary restrictions? Read this before you go! We’ll give you tips for a smooth and enjoyable restaurant experience.


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Dining out with food allergies can be frightening, but don’t let it hold you back!

Here I will tell how to still be able to go out and enjoy a meal, snack or celebration at any food establishment…Here we go!


Give the restaurant you plan on dining out at a quick call.

“I am looking to bring my family to your restaurant later, and have a few questions on if it is safe for those with food allergies. Is there a manager or chef available to speak with?”

This is all you have to say or a shorter version will do the trick, too. Just make sure it is someone who knows the food, not just the hostess or waitress. Try to call during a less busy time if possible. I mean you wouldn’t want someone to ask you a ton of questions in the middle of preparing a dinner for a dinner part right!?


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Right when your server asks what you would like to drink tell them about your allergy and that you called earlier. You can ask for the allergy free menu now, too! If they have questions they will get the manager for you, but you might want to ask.



Although not necessary, bring a laminated card with your allergies on it every time you’re dining out. This can be given to your server when you order your food. It helps remind the chef and eliminates miscommunication.



It’s always nice to hear you did a good job. Let the manager know how well you appreciated their attention to detail…If everything went well.

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