10 Non-Food Halloween Treat Ideas


10 Non-Food Halloween Treat Ideas

10 Ideas for how to make Halloween spooktacular for those with food allergies. Support the Teal Pumpkin Project this Halloween by offering fun, non-food and non candy treats to children trick-or-treating. | theotherspoon.com

How to make Halloween spooktacular for everyone this year with a Teal pumpkin

Let’s face it, the only thing that should be scary this Halloween is the decorations (well some of them). NOT what kids get in their Trick-or-Treat bags.

Here are 10 (allergy friendly) Halloween Treat ideas that every kid will love (and so will their parents…hopefully).



Be Transported in Tucson at Savaya Coffee Bar

Savaya Coffee Bar | Be transported in Tucson Arizona at Savaya Coffee Bar. Order yourself a Kafette and transport yourself through a genuine Turkish Cup of Coffee. It's the one coffee experience I'm raving about | theotherspoon.com

Savaya Coffee Market

There’s a unique coffee shop on the outskirts of Tucson called Savaya where it’s not just a cup of coffee but a place to gather over one of the best cups of coffee you may have ever experienced.

Now, after visiting 8 cities on our cross-country trip we’ve tasted a lot of great coffee. But Savaya had something different on their menu. It was called the Kafette and it destroyed everything we thought about coffee.



Journey Across the U.S.: The Allergic Foodie Visits Tucson, AZ

Journey Across the US: The Allergic Foodie Visits Tucson, Arizona | theotherspoon.com

Stop #9 Tucson, AZ

Alive in Tucson! (Any Last Man on Earth watchers out there? No, only us?)

Anyway, we were given many recommendations about Tucson. Everyone spoke so highly of it! So get your reading glasses (hopefully you don’t need them yet) and join our journey in Tucson.



Journey Across the U.S.: The Allergic Foodie Visits El Paso, TX

Journey Across the US_ The allergic foodie visits El Paso, TX|theotherspoon.com

Stop number 8 El Paso, TX

Have you ever looked into Mexico while your feet were still firmly planted on American soil? It’s a crazy feeling. Maybe I feel that way because I’ve never looked from one country to another, over a boarder or a simple line in the sand. It seems so odd to me how one step forward could mean you were in a different country. It made me scared. I wanted to turn around and run the other way.



Journey Across the U.S.: The Allergic Foodie Visits Ft. Stockton

Journey Across the US: The allergic foodie visits Ft. Stockton, TX | theotherspoon.com

Stop #7 Ft. Stockton

There we were, on the road again. The car is beginning to feel over packed and thrown food lay in between the seats after my son decided he was finished with his snack. My once organized car has turned into a mess. But my husband is safely driving in the pilot seat next to me, and Niah behind him quietly fighting to stay awake as the road hummed him to sleep.

Miles go by and the scenery in Texas begins to change. There is more dirt like sand than greenery. There are more mountains in the distance. As we traveled on the sun began to beat down on the hood of the car with more intensity. I hoped we didn’t overheat as stops became few and really far between.



Journey Across the U.S.: The Allergic Foodie Visits Houston, TX

Journey Across the US: The allergic foodie visits Houston, TX| Traveling with food allergies | theotherspoon.com

Stop #6 Huston, TX

From back road to back road we traveled to Huston, Texas after Texarkana. The views from the roads are green as we pass through one small town after another.

Around lunchtime we found a nice baseball complex that had a monstrous slide park. Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Without really evaluating the slide Anthony took a “quick” slide down with Niah. It was like riding a roller-coaster!



Journey Across the US: The Allergic Foodie Visits Texarkana, TX

Journey Across the US_ The allergic foodie visits Texarkana, TX|theotherspoon.com

Stop #5 Texarkana, TX

Right on the boarder of Arkansas and Texas there sits a town called Texarkana. Population a little less then 36,500 people. Not too small, but not big enough for many to have heard of it. Compared to the few towns before it with populations in the 100’s you can consider Texarkana the city.

We pulled into camp at the Texarkana KOA Campsite. Small and quiet where only 2 cabins sat and a couple rows of RV parking. The guys inside at check-in were really pleasant.



The Little Coffee Shop you have to visit if you Travel to Memphis, TN

The Only Coffee Shop You have to stop at in Memphis, TN | Journey Across the US_ The allergic foodie visits Nashville | theotherspoon.com

We found another coffee shop winner, in our books, down in Memphis, Tennessee.

They call themselves Avenue Coffee. It is nestled in a residential neighborhood close by a college town on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee.

I have to say it was difficult finding a local coffee shop in Memphis, but we only needed to find one and we’re glad it was this one.

They were so friendly and welcoming as they greeted us with a warm smile.



Journey Across the U.S.: The Allergic Foodie Visits Memphis Tennessee


Journey Across the US: The allergic foodie visits Memphis, TN | theotherspoon.com

Stop number 4: Memphis, TN

Reluctantly, we headed from Nashville to Memphis (only because the KOA cabin was so nice) and the weather that morning was stormy. Last couple times we’ve left one place to go to another we wait to get coffee on our route. Bad decision. As we travel South West coffee (that we want) becomes harder and harder to find. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks become few and far between. After driving for an hour or so (without coffee, ugh) we finally catch up to a decent coffee spot.

We made it quickly to Memphis and got settled into our new cabin at the Graceland RV Park and Campground. Thankfully it was right across from the bathrooms and showers (which was great considering it was our first stop without a bathroom inside our room).


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