The Little Coffee Shop you have to visit if you Travel to Memphis, TN

10 Aug

The Little Coffee Shop you have to visit if you Travel to Memphis, TN

The Only Coffee Shop You have to stop at in Memphis, TN | Journey Across the US_ The allergic foodie visits Nashville |

We found another coffee shop winner, in our books, down in Memphis, Tennessee.

They call themselves Avenue Coffee. It is nestled in a residential neighborhood close by a college town on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee.

I have to say it was difficult finding a local coffee shop in Memphis, but we only needed to find one and we’re glad it was this one.

They were so friendly and welcoming as they greeted us with a warm smile.

Coffee in Nashville, Portland Brew of Nashville, TN Journey across the US: The allergic Foodie visits Nashville, TN |

We shared our story about how we were traveling cross-country and stopping at as many local shops for our morning coffee as we could.

“Adventure local, shop local”

What we ordered

Coffee with cream and house made sugar syrup mixture. They brewed our coffee by pouring hot water over the ground coffee that was held by a filter. After a few minutes our coffee was ready. This method created a rich coffee taste. It really was simply amazing!

They also experiment with their own chocolate sauces, taking their coffee making skills to the next level.

Thank you Avenue Coffee for a great and authentic Memphis, Tennessee cup of coffee.


Allergy Friendly Spoon Rating

I wouldn’t recommend eating here, but definitely get a cup of coffee if you’re able. We’ve had a hard time finding a local coffee shop that has had food safe enough for those with allergies or multiple allergies.

Allergy Friendly spoon rating

Their coffee on the other hand can be made dairy free, but be careful if you have an almond allergy. Our allergy doesn’t include almonds only peanuts and most beans, so we felt comfortable getting coffee here. Plus they took the time to talk to us about their ingredients. It is nice to see restaurants have options for others who have sensitivities or are trying to avoid certain ingredients. Even though cross contamination can happen it’s great to see the awareness grow. Big thanks to all of them out there!


Get On The List

The Allergic Foodie here! Right now you can probably find me in my test kitchen (i.e. my house) or traveling to a local coffee shop where they're serving me awe-inspiring coffee (sorry, I would share but). I'm kind of a coffee junkie. Yes, I'm a food-allergy overcomer, Mompreneur, and military spouse and I love pushing boundaries especially in the kitchen. So hold on to your taste buds and let's get to cooking!

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